Moving on a good weather day is daunting. Add inclement weather to the mix, and you have a perfect nightmare recipe. Moving during thunderstorms and snowfalls can be extremely challenging and dangerous. However, you can carry out a move smoothly using proper protection measures and planning, even on bad weather days. 

Here are some tips to help you move safely on a bad weather day. 

Accept that it will be slower

Moving on a typical day may take only a few hours. However, moving during rain and storms can take twice as long, or even more. Rushing things during such weather will only lead to accidents and injuries. Therefore, be patient and take things slowly to protect yourself and your belongings. 

Protect your flooring

Rain and snow can damage your floors and carpets quickly if you don’t ‌protect them. The mud and water on everyone’s shoes will get stuck on the mat and floor, leaving a mess that can take days to clean up. To prevent that, use tarps and blankets that can protect your flooring and carpets. Tarps can be slippery; hence it is advisable to add a layer of clothing, such as towels or blankets, on top of the tarps to prevent slipping. 

Dress appropriately

Wearing comfortable and loose-fitting clothes on a moving day is a no-brainer. However, you must also add protective gear to your attire during inclement weather. Wear a raincoat, hat, gloves and rain boots to protect yourself from the rain. Keep some towels handy to dry yourself off if you get wet. 

Protect your belongings

Your belongings can risk getting damaged when you move them from the house to the moving truck. Use plastic wrapping to protect your packing boxes against moisture. You can also cover them with big towels to prevent them from getting wet. Park the truck as close to your home as possible during bad weather. It reduces the exposure of your belongings to the rain. 

Secure the path

Clear the path from your home to the moving truck for easy access. Try to take the smallest route and clear any hurdles or furniture in the way. Put cardboard boxes and old rugs on smooth surfaces to prevent slipping. If the paths are covered with ice, sprinkle salt or sand on them to prevent slipping. If there is a heavy thunderstorm and lightning, hold the move until it passes. 

Call professional movers

If you feel overwhelmed with everything that can go wrong with your move on a bad weather day, you can hire professional movers like Interwest Moving to do the job. They are prepared and trained for such situations and carry out the move without damaging your belongings or getting injured. 

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