Need tips for moving electronics to your  home? Your electronic items are some of the more valuable and sensitive items to relocate from one place to another. They’re largely fragile, susceptible to static electricity, and vulnerable to extreme temperatures.

Interwest Moving and Storage assembled a guide of special instructions to help you pack electronic devices and keep them safe during your journey.

3 Tips for Moving Electronics

Use the Original Box

Movers should repack all of their electronic items in their original packaging whenever possible. Chances are that the item came with appropriate packing materials to keep it safe when travelling to the store, and ultimately to your home upon purchasing. While you probably don’t have space to store a large television box, your smaller items such as Blu-ray players, computer monitors, and gaming consoles can easily fit back into their packaging for safekeeping.

Gather Supplies for the Rest

You’ll need to find boxes and packing materials for everything else that doesn’t have its original box. You’ll want to wrap sensitive items in anti-static materials to prevent damaging devices. Flat screens such as your televisions or monitors can be protected with cloth and a layer of bubble wrap to absorb bumps and impacts during transit.

You can purchase anti-static bags from various companies to seal electronic components away before packing into a box. In addition to bubble wrap, you can use Styrofoam or packing peanuts to help keep the item secure. Make sure to seal off all packages with secure packing tape so that nothing inadvertently spills out.

Label All of the Cables and Components

If you have a home with a lot of electronic items, keeping cables and parts in order can be challenging. Before you begin to unplug things for packing, bundle cords that go together and label them by device. If you have the original box, store there as it was originally packaged. For everything else, store the cables in a box labeled as such for quick location later.

For other sensitive components such as ink cartridges or toner from printers, be sure to store them in a sealable bag. These cartridges can easily leak and create ink stains everywhere if you’re not careful.

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When it comes to handling sensitive electronic items, the moving experts at Interwest Moving and Storage know how to get it done. These professional movers employ industry-approved techniques that safely protect all manners of fragile items. Armed with this helpful information, you and Interwest will get your valuable electronics where they need to go.

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