Are you planning a move this winter?

Some people like to try and go against the grain by moving during the winter seasons. This has its unique advantages such as lower costs higher competition for moving companies vying for your attention. But it still is a challenge moving during the winter.

If you are unsure of how to move during the winter or even how to drive in a winter state, then you are going to face many challenges when dealing with the cold, snow, and ice.

Tips for Moving in Winter

Clear the Path

moving in winterIf you are beginning to move into the house, the best way to avoid unnecessary damage or water drag is to clear the paths to the house. Sidewalk, driveway, in between as best as you can. The less you track in, the better off your floors will be.

Cover the Floors

However, there will always be tracking from walking to the inside from the out. The best thing you can do is cover the floors with either saran wrap or just provide a bunch of old and crappy boxes or towels for the floor.

Maintain Heat

I’ve heard the best way to keep heat is to turn a space heater on in the bathroom, keeping a hot room will make morale stay high during the move.

how to drive in winterAdditionally, keep a hot cider, coffee, or chocolates at any given time to warm up the people helping you out.

Finally, you want to keep backup everything. Keep spare gloves, sweatpants, hot blankets and towels for keeping everyone warm and ready to keep moving.

Coordinate with your Movers

The most important thing you can do as you are approaching your move is to stay in contact with your moving company. As you keep doing that you will ensure that you are still ready to keep doing your move.

Environmental hazards, snowstorms, sleet, and hail are all possible deterrents to you successfully moving in.

How to drive during the Winter

Driving during the winter is not some easy task. You have to remember that your car is designed to have traction against tarmac and gravel. When there is a layer of ice over the top, there needs to be penetration to push through.

So when you are driving, you need to make sure to track the ice. You never fully stop, you want to make tapping stops to not drift and drag on the ice.

Next, you want to keep half your tank full at all times to ensure that your fuel lines never freeze over.

Finally, one of the sneakiest things that people don’t prepare for is braking during wet or rainy weather. If you put your parking brake in place while your tires are wet, you are risking freezing the brakes.


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