Packing Your Garage Before your Move

If you want to reduce a headache, you might have during your move it is a good idea to begin your packing as soon as possible, especially your garage. The earlier you start packing your garage, the better. When you start to pack, start packing in rooms that have relatively low traffic such as your attic or your garage. While the garage room has many uses, it is likely to collect as storage and with the volume of items in the room, it is a good idea to start packing your garage as soon as possible.

First, do a quick, safe throw away.

before you moveSafely get rid of any old cans of paint, fertilizers, gas, and oils and other hazardous waste. It is not a good idea to throw away these items in a landfill or water source. In fact, that is irresponsible. Many cities and towns offer to drop off points for most household hazardous items. If there are any paints, wood stains and polish you want to take with you, to ensure its safety, tape the lid down. Finally, throw away any lumber, leftover building products or items you realize you may never use again.

Organize the Tools

You can store your nuts and bolts in a double sealed bag so the nails won’t break poke or break through the bag. You can also use a small plastic container to store your nuts and bolts safely without injuring yourself accidentally


It is ideal to keep all your hand tools together in its toolbox. For sharp tools, wrap them with tape or paper to protect their blade. For large tools such as circular saws, drills and of the like, wrap them in newspapers and box them up. If you still kept the original box, you can put them in those boxes.

Interwest Moving

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