Moving is a stressful event for adults but it is twice as hard for young kids in your home. They feel anxious about all the unusual activity in the house, and they respond to your stress as well. Preparing your kids ahead of the move can make it easier for them to cope with the sudden changes and accept the move more quickly.

Here are some tips to help make the movie easier for your kids:

Talk to them

Communication is the key to successful parenthood. Talk to your kids about the move and the reason for the move. Try to explain to them why it is necessary and how it will be good for them. Leaving their friends and surroundings they have known all their lives can be challenging for them. Give them time to accept the change, and a sound reason can help them take the news better. Listen to their worries regarding the move and give them solutions.

Try to stick to routines

Kids carve familiar things in their routine, and any unusual activity causes distress, Therefore try to stick to their usual routines for as long as possible. Try to relax them by doing activities, such as telling them bedtime stories or helping them with the school work. Try to make changes that are subtle and inform them beforehand before making them. Hiring a babysitter for the moving day will also help the kids as they have adult supervision all the time, even when you are busy.

Let them get involved

You may not give a second thought to packing your kid’s stuffed toys, and Lego sets into a box to save time. However, your kid may be appalled by the idea of putting their stuffed animals away in that manner. Try to involve them when packing their belongings. It will help them understand what is going on with their stuff and also keep them distracted from all the hustle and bustle in your home.

Pack their rooms last

 It would be best to pack the kid’s room last as it leaves the most time to be in a familiar setup. It also gives you time to upgrade their furniture and fixtures in the new home that suits their growing age. You can also provide them with time to create the last few fond memories in their old house.

Have them plan a get-together with friends

The hardest part about moving for kids is to leave their friends in the neighborhood and school. To help them cope with the separation, encourage them to organize a get together with friends soon if you are not moving very far away. It will give them something to look forward to and make things easier for everyone.

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