It is devastating to see your precious plants die as a plant parent. Sadly, it is common when you move them to a new place. However, it doesn’t have to be the case every time you move. House Plants are usually delicate and small, and require extra care while moving to ensure their safety. 

Here are some tips to move your house plants safely to a new location.

Things to do before moving day

Schedule the move strategically: The weather affects your plants’ health. Moving your plants during favorable weather reduces the risk of damage. If possible, avoid moving your plants during the sweltering summer heat. 

Trim your plants: Before the move, remove any dead and decaying leaves and branches from your house plants. Plants use their energy to heal and prevent further damage to diseased sections. By eliminating these parts, your plant would focus more on growth and staying healthy, increasing its chances of survival during the move.  

Re-pot small plants into a plastic container: Carrying the heavy pots your plants are planted in increases their risk of breakage and also makes it difficult for you to move. To reduce the load, try moving smaller, younger plants into plastic containers for the move. 

Water properly: Deeply water your plants 2-3 days before the shifting day so the soil remains moist during the move, and your plants aren’t deprived of water. You can also sprinkle some water the day before the move to moisten the surface soil. 

Pack your plants properly: Like every other fragile item, you must pack your house plants properly with high-quality packing materials to keep them safe during the move. Use old bedsheets to protect the plant leaves against damage. 

Things to do on the moving day

Keep your plants at the end: Always place your plants last in the loading truck after loading everything else. It ensures the plants spend the least time in the car where the temperature is hot, and there is a lot of movement during transit. Remove your plants before you unload anything else from the vehicle and keep them in a secure place — water them in between if the travel time is long. 

Move the plants in your car: It is best to move your house plants in your vehicle rather than in the loading truck. You can stop and check on them in between that way. It would also be faster than sending them through a moving truck. 

Settle your plants into the new home: Once you have taken care of unloading and managing everything, you can set up your house plants in your new home. If some look withered or yellowish, don’t panic and give them ample water and sunlight to recoup. 

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