Renting a storage facility can have multiple purposes, such as storing your valuables when going on a vacation, relocating for work or study, decluttering your home, or even downsizing. Based on individual preferences, self-storage options can be worthwhile long or short-term solutions to your space needs. However, you will be surprised how many mistakes people are likely to make in the process of choosing a self-storage facility. Making mistakes when renting a storage unit can lead to loss of money, damage your belongings, and can become a cause of stress.

Here are a few common mistakes that people make when renting a storage unit.

Choosing the wrong size 

The most common mistake people make when renting a storage unit is getting the size wrong. You will cause yourself a lot of inconvenience by paying for a unit that is not the right size to hold all your belongings. The primary reason is not having a clear picture of what you want to store and how much area those things would cover.

To avoid this problem, make an inventory list of everything you want to store and check the storage unit’s size guide before renting a unit.

Not inquiring about storage conditions

Another mistake is not checking whether the self-storage unit you are renting has a climate control option or not. Some storage facilities provide air-conditioning and humidity control. The climate control feature makes a storage unit more secure and safe. It is especially beneficial for storing items that are fragile and stuff that get damaged when exposed to temperature change and humidity.

Not taking an insurance

Most storage units have security measures, so your belongings are safe. However, a storage facility is not an impenetrable fortress. Therefore you need to take additional insurance. You can either get your insurance from an insurance provider or at the facility itself.

Not double-checking security measures

Another common mistake is not checking the security, safety, and ease of access to the storage facility. Before you rent a unit, you must look for all the security measures the facility takes, including surveillance, guards, fencing, locks, etc. 

You can also examine the facility by asking them to show you around to ensure that everything is up to mark before renting the unit.

Making the decision based on price alone

Price matters, but not looking beyond the price tag when renting a self-storage facility is a huge mistake. Cheaper isn’t always the best option when it comes to selecting a storage facility. You need to consider other factors such as the distance of the services offered, the security measures, accessibility, and convenience when selecting the facility.

Not considering the building construction and neighborhood

Your facility’s locality and the building construction itself play a vital role in keeping your valuables safe. Check whether the locality is safe. Moreover, ensure that the storage facility is not located on the outskirts as it is more vulnerable to thefts. Robust building construction is essential for protecting against elements and fire damage.

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