Are you Moving to Montana?

If you’re considering moving to Montana, we cannot recommend it enough. It is one of the best states for living out in the Intermountain West, and we have lived there for several years. We also provide some of the best moving services in the states and if you would like additional help from us, be sure to give us a call for our specialty rates!

The Top Five Cities to Live in Montana


moving to montanaBozeman is arguably the best city to move to in Montana. Originally holding a bid for the upcoming winter Olympics, it is home to countless colleges and the future of our great state.


Belgrade is the home to one of our offices, and we are happy to call this place home. This is where the Balkan mounts can be met with the Pannonian plane offering some of the most beautiful vistas your eyes have ever seen.


Billings is the largest city in Montana and home to many mazing sights and sounds. Not only is this a great representation of big sky country, but it is also one of the best college towns in the state.


Butte Montana is more than just the butt of many jokes. It is home to the lady of the Rockies and many other local sights and sounds. It is one of the most voluptuous cities in America and great for the outdoorsy types.


montana top destinations Missoula is one of the oldest cities in Montana and the closest to our plainsman roots. With many sites and sounds going off into the Blackfoot Idaho territory, this is home to many historic sights and sounds.

Interwest Moving and Storage

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