Logistics are the backbone of every industry. Logistics connect multiple industries and sectors to market and provide a smooth supply chain of products and services to the end customer. There are various services included in logistics, and knowing about them can help you set up an efficient supply chain for your business. 

Here we lay down the most common services provided by logistics companies. 

Warehousing services

Once you send out your cargo, it isn’t directly shifted to the loading trucks or ships. It is often stored at a warehouse till the loading trucks and ships are ready. You can opt for in-house warehouses, which means the warehouse would be situated at your company or office premises. If you don’t have space, you can opt for third-party warehouses. A third-party company runs these warehouses, and you can use them for a fee. 

Third-party logistics services 

3PL services work to bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers. The logistic companies that offer 3PL services don’t manufacture any products but take up the job of ensuring that products reach consumers from manufacturers without diminishing in quality. Third-party services include all the essential services such as:

  • Warehousing
  • Transportation and delivery
  • Shorebase services
  • Distribution center services 

Freight shipping services

You can use these services to transport your goods and cargo in bulk. They use different vehicles, such as trains, ships, and trucks, to transport goods from one place to another. Freight shipping is essential to take goods from the manufacturing points to retailers and consumers. They are also used to send goods to warehouses. 

Courier shipping services

These logistic services are designed for shipping smaller parcels and orders. They are highly beneficial for businesses that deal in consumer goods and want to send small deliveries. They are also useful in transporting fragile items that can break in transit. However, they can be more expensive than freight shipping. 

In-house logistics

In-house logistics is when you set up an internal department within your company that solely deals with the logistics of your business. In-house logistics is expensive compared to hiring third-party logistics services, but it pays off in terms of better control, increased efficiency, and product movement in your supply chain. 

Logistics software

Logistics companies also provide high-end softwares that can help you keep track of the goods movement in your entire supply chain. They are also essential in determining the most cost-efficient and customer-centric transportation methods. Companies can get updated on their shipments in real-time by using these software, reducing delivery delays and losses. 

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