While a great moving company will attempt to cover all bases, there are some common items moving companies won’t move.

It’s a good idea to get a head start on packing before moving day. However, take note of these prohibited, or sometimes hazardous materials that movers will not move.

Moving Companies Won’t Move Hazardous Materials

There are numerous items that you may find in your home that are classified as hazardous items. These are potentially harmful, explosive, or flammable materials that can pose a significant risk in transport.

Examples of such prohibited items include gasoline, aerosol sprays or cans, fire extinguishers, paint thinner, or even batteries. Anything that poses a health and safety risk is essentially off limits. If you’re going to be making a long-distance move, you’re better off safely disposing of these items and starting fresh at your destination.

Explosive Materials

There’s some obvious crossover with the previous category. Additional items that movers won’t move are explosive items such as ammunition, primers, propellants, and the like. It’s technically not illegal for moving companies to move empty handguns, but some reserve the right to refuse moving them as well.

When it comes to explosive items or firearms, you’re likely better off giving them the special attention they deserve and carrying it safely in your own vehicle.

Power Equipment

While moving companies can move these items, there are certain restrictions you must adhere to. Power equipment refers to tools or machinery that runs off fuel, which we’ve learned is prohibited. This includes lawnmowers, weeding tools, and the like.

These items must be completely drained of fuel before loading onto moving trucks. Perform this task at least 24 hours before loading time to avoid unexpected issues.

Perishable Food and Perishable Items

This is likely common sense, but worth stating, nonetheless. Anything that requires refrigeration or freezing is just going to spoil in the back of a crowded, hot moving truck. An effective way to mitigate the loss of goods is to slow your perishable purchases leading up to moving day. Purchase only what you need and thin out the contents of your appliances.

For everything else, you’ll want to pack into your own vehicle with a cooler and some ice to try and keep items from spoiling.

Plant Life

This may surprise you, but moving companies are restricted from moving living plants without a special license over long distances. You’ll need to consult with your moving company about this particular issue.

Plants cannot be moved more than 150 miles as there is a risk of exposing foreign pests into new environments. It’s a concerted, and effective effort to help the environment as we move from place to place.

Your Pets

Though we likely won’t have to tell most pet owners, but your moving company doesn’t have a place on their trucks for living pets. Pets require special housing for transport, which is best left in your care. Let the moving company take care of your belongings and enjoy the journey to your new home with your pets alongside you.

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