If you’re getting ready to move, storage can be a major convenience. It allows you to slowly begin getting stuff out of your house before moving day, and it helps you avoid having a bunch of boxes cluttering up your living space.

Obviously, you don’t want to store items you plan to be using regularly. In this article, we’ll go over some of the items it makes sense to put in storage when moving.


Furniture can be difficult to move, since its bulkiness makes it more difficult to handle. For this reason, you may want to pack up some of your furniture and store it before moving day.

When deciding which pieces of furniture you need to move, think about your daily life. You’re obviously going to want to keep your bed(s) at home until moving day, and you’ll need chairs or a sofa to sit on. But are there any tables that rarely get moved? Can you pack up the dining room and eat somewhere else before the move?

Having these items stored beforehand can make your moving day go much smoother.


Belongings that you keep because they hold sentimental value may also be packed up before you move. This way, you can take the time to ensure it’s packed properly. As well, it’s unlikely that you use these mementos on a regular basis, making it perfect for moving storage in Idaho Falls.

Seasonal Items

Most homeowners have a variety of items they only bring out during a certain time of year. If you’re moving during the summer, for instance, it makes sense to pack up sweaters and Christmas decorations and put them in storage before you move.

The same thing can be said if you’re moving during the winter months. You may not need swimsuits, a barbecue grill, and so on, which means that storing them ahead of time can make moving day easier.


If you only own a few books, you probably don’t need to put them in storage before making a move. But if you own a bookshelf, or even a whole library, it can be a major project to get it packed and carried into a truck on moving day.

For this reason, it makes sense to store any books you don’t plan to peruse before moving day.

Other Items

This list isn’t exhaustive. If you’re determining whether or not you should store something before moving day, there are two questions you can ask yourself. Do you plan to use this item before moving day? Will this item be difficult to pack and carry on moving day?

If the answer to both questions is yes, it’s worth storing the item ahead of time.

Looking for Moving Storage?

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