Are you relocating? We understand how difficult moving can be, especially if you are moving all alone.  One of the best things to do is to start collecting the right tools to make the work easier and save you time.

So we thought, why not prepare a list of tools that helps you to pack-well and fare-well? 

1. A Furniture Dolly

Although it might look simple, a furniture dolly can handle up to a thousand pounds of weight. You can easily stack and move several boxes at once. It saves your back from the heavy lifting and prevents any chance of damages from a fall or drop.

This is definitely a must-have if you don’t wish to spend the first day at your new place with an aching back. 

2. Blankets or Pads For Protecting Breakables

If you have things that can be easily damaged or broken from a bumpy bouncy ride, wrapping a blanket or pad around fragile and precious items is always a good idea. This acts as a natural shock absorber and keeps your belongings well-protected. 

3. Packing Supplies

Make your move hassle-free with packing tape and bubble wrap. Packing tapes and bubble wrap are pressure sensitive. 

They are every movers’ best friend: reliable, easy to use, and multi-purpose. You can use them for sealing boxes, securing fragile corners, and fixing screws, tools, and other essentials to the underside of the furniture. 

As well, bubble wraps are perfect cushions for all your fragile items. Cover your precious and fragile items with bubble wraps and rest assured of any damage whatsoever.

4. Box Straps & Packaging Ropes

Whether you are moving long-distance or within the city, box straps and packaging ropes help you load, bundle, and safely transport your heavy items such as a big-screen TV set or a heavy-duty washing machine.

5. Stair-Roller

Navigating stairs can make moving more difficult. It can be exhausting and frustrating to carry items up and down the stairs. 

But not if you have a stair-roller. It is incredibly mobile and safe. You can easily attach heavy objects and carry them up or down a set of stairs—the weight redistribution allows you to either easily pull or lift the heavy box or item. 

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