We find that the majority of times when people hurt themselves moving, it’s because they’re not prepared to move with the proper apparel. A shirt will get caught, or a hand will get pinched, and these things can be avoided. With this in mind, we created a quick blog about what to wear during a move.

Main Clothing

moving-dresserWeather – Depending on the weather, you might not be able to choose what to wear. If it’s snowing, then you are going to have to layer up and throw on gloves. If it’s raining, you are probably going to want to reschedule or set yourself up to get wet.

Top – On a normal day from Spring to Fall, we recommend wearing a t-shirt or a tight long sleeve shirt. The most important characteristic is tightness. You don’t want to move and have your flowing shirt get caught on a doorknob or bring down a lamp.

Bottom – For a bottom, we recommend shorts during the hot days and jeans during the winter. Avoid cargo shorts at all times. While it’s nice to hold things like box cutters and tape, it’s not worth it because those pockets are begging to drag you down.


What to Wear During a MoveHats – Hats are up to the preference of the worker. I always recommend a hat with the brim facing forward. This lets the sweat collect somewhere while also keeping the sun out of your eyes. Besides that it also helps the same way a horse has it’s blinders on, let’s you stay focused.

Jewelry – Bracelets, Necklaces, Anklets, etc. They need to go in a box and be moved.

Wedding Rings – Wedding Rings are a touchy subject for a lot of people. I know they are the band of your marriage, and you’re never supposed to take them off, but this is an exception. There is an injury known as wedding ring degloving where the ring is taken off the hand, and it takes the finger with it. These are surprisingly common in everyday motions and moving is no different. Don’t take the risk. Keep it in a box or quickly wrap it across a tight chain and wear it as a necklace beneath your shirt.

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