In a world ruled by technology, everyone has an abundance of electronic appliances and gadgets in their homes. As they get outdated, you buy new ones, and the old ones are piled into a corner of your house. However, when you are moving to a new home, you’ll have to face what to do with all those discarded electronics. Donating these can help you get rid of the clutter and put them to good use. 

Here are a few organizations you can donate your electronics to before the move. 


Human-I-T is a non-profit organization that helps communities on the wrong side of the digital divide to have access to technology and the internet, so everyone has equal opportunities. They take old and used gadgets and donate them to low-income group people, non-profit schools, and others who cannot afford them. 

World Computer Exchange

It is an international organization that aims to provide digital access to everyone globally. The third world nations where kids don’t have computers can benefit from old computers that you no longer use. World Computer Exchange provides such computers to over 70 developing countries. You can simply ship your old computers to their office or go over to their website to donate them.


Another platform where you can donate your electronic items is ZealousGood. It is not limited to just electronic devices donation but is a platform where you can list anything on their site to donate and request local charities to collect those items from your home. 

PickUp Please

PickUp Please is another excellent platform to give away your electronics before moving. As you can gauge from the name, they come to your home and take your old computers, TVs, mobile phones, and other electronics upon your request. You can schedule them 24 hours before pick up so you can rely on them even if it is a last-minute move. 

The donated items are usually sold, and the proceeds help veterans and their families. 

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non-profit organization that helps provide soldiers with cost-free communication services and emergency funds. They sell your old phones, mp3 players, iPods, etc., and donate the amount raised to soldiers. They also refurbish your old cell phones and give them to soldiers. 

Computers with Causes

You can donate your old laptops, MacBooks, computers, and other gadgets to Computers with Causes from anywhere in the US. They give them away to schools, shelters, and foster homes in the country. They accept donations from all 50 states, but you have to fill out the application form and wait until it is accepted. So you should do it a few days before the move.

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