Are you looking for the ideal city to help kickstart your career in tech? Moving to a new area can be a challenging prospect, whether you’re just starting or scouting for new opportunities. 

Since the mid-’90s, Silicon Valley continues to host be a hotbed of opportunity for talented developers and computer scientists alike. However, many other cities have since exploded in job growth, rivaling or even exceeding San Francisco in technological job opportunities. 

Here are some cities that host an impressive amount of tech companies and potential employment opportunities to go with them.


Atlanta, Georgia, offers the highest possible hiring rate out of all U.S. cities in 2019, according to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Like many tech-savvy locations, the city is actively looking for Software Engineers, IT Architects, Java Developers, and more, according to a report done by Dice Insights.


Though the cost of living is an unfortunate increase, by comparison, Seattle currently possesses the highest tech hiring rate in the West, surpassing San Francisco, according to the BLS. Come to Seattle to experience a strong sports scene, beautiful summer weather, and progressive social culture. It’s also the home of everyone’s favorite coffee, Starbucks.

Salt Lake City

Right here, in Salt Lake City! According to the United States Department of Labor, this city boasts an impressive 2% unemployment rate with data from as recent as September 2019. With an affordable cost of living, low crime rate, beautiful mountains, and ski resorts, and booming tech industry, Salt Lake City might be the next home for you.


This Minnesota city comes close to the above, bearing only a 3% unemployment rate. According to BLS, the average tech income is roughly $103,000 annually, with the cost-of-living being about 5% greater than the national average, which is estimated to be $20,194 per person, according to the same source. Minneapolis is known for its strong economy, sports culture, music scene, and beautiful parks.


This city rounds off our list as one of the best places for tech career opportunities with a hiring rate of 690.44 hires per 100,000 people. Hartford’s cost-of-living, however, is estimated to be around 17% higher than the national average. Hartford is known for its variety of historic cultures, from the Mark Twain House to the Connecticut State Capitol Building. If you’re looking to stay on the east coast, this may be the location to explore your career options.

Regardless of what seems right for you, many of these cities provide opportunities with more affordable living options than their notoriously expensive counterparts, such as San Francisco or New York City. Navigating the balance of career growth with a healthy state of living and personal happiness is tricky. Make it simpler by consulting the experts at Interwest Moving and Storage to find out how your move can be made simpler.

All of the statistics provided come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the United States Department of Labor.