When packing for a DIY move, most people invest in packing materials like packing boxes, duct tape, and thermocol balls. However, most people don’t invest in moving blankets, feeling they won’t need them. On the contrary, moving blankets are necessary to keep your fragile items and breakables safe when planning a DIY move. 

Read on to know why you need to have moving blankets on your next moving day. 

What are moving blankets?

Moving blankets are created with specialized materials to make them sturdy and pliable to safely pack your belongings. Most moving blankets are about 6 to 7 feet and have filler materials like cotton, nylon, and polyester combined to make the blanket.

Why do you need moving blankets?

Moving blankets are quick and inexpensive protection for your belongings on a moving day. Here’s how you can use them. 

Cover your furniture: If you have furniture made of wood and upholstery, they can quickly get scratches and dirt on them during the move. Covering them with moving blankets can prevent minor damage and protect them against dirt and dust during the move. 

Protect breakable items: Various items like mirrors, vases, and glass framed artwork are fragile and get damaged easily during the move. By covering them with moving blankets, you can protect them from breaking during the move.

Protect the house: It’s quite obvious to get dents and scratches on your walls, floors, ceiling, and stairs while moving bulky and heavy furniture. By covering your furniture in moving blankets, you can easily protect your home from getting damaged during the move. The blanket acts as a shield for the furniture and the home surfaces at the same time.  

Can I use any alternatives?

As alternatives, you can use towels, bedsheets, and packaging wraps to cover your furniture. However, we recommend using original moving blankets as they are specifically designed for this purpose. Your alternatives won’t be as effective as the actual moving blankets. 

Where can you get moving blankets?

You don’t have to buy moving blankets if you don’t move frequently. Instead, you can rent moving companies or truck rentals for the moving day for a fee. 

If you move frequently, then buying them would be a better option. You can easily find them at departmental stores like Walmart and Target. 

Do you need help with the move?

If you feel overwhelmed by all the prep you need for the move and how stressful it gets, you can always hire professional movers like Interwest Moving and Storage in Idaho, Montana, Utah & Wyoming for the job. Professional movers have the adequate training, equipment, and skills to complete everything quickly and smoothly, so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

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