Bozeman is a booming town surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in southern Montana and is one of the fastest upcoming “tech hub” cities. Bozeman is a cultural hotspot full of interesting places. Many exciting destinations are waiting to be explored, from hiking the ‘M’ trail to exploring Custer Gallatin National Forest.

Below are seven fun locations you must experience when in Bozeman, Montana:

College ‘M’ hiking trail

In 1915, Montana State University students built the letter ‘M’ onto Bridger Canyon’s ridgeline, the university’s pride point and a symbol for the city. Two trails, one steep and another winding, close to Bozeman are quite popular. The difficulty level is from easy to moderate and depends on the route you choose. Both lead you to the same vantage point that offers a splendid view of the Gallatin Valley. 

Museum of the Rockies

Museum of the Rockies (MOR) unearths a wide range of scientific insights about the Rocky Mountain region. It’s best known for an extensive collection of dinosaur fossils, including Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons and the Big Al, situated in the aptly named Hall of Giants. The museum also offers summer camps for teens, adult lecture series, and unique shows at the Taylor Planetarium. 

Main Street, Downtown Bozeman

If boutiques, eateries, art, and shops are your idea of a perfect weekend, the main street downtown exemplifies Bozeman’s culture and nightlife. It’s the ideal mix of old western culture and a lively college vibe, which creates a fun street atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. 

Custer Gallatin National Forest

Custer Gallatin National Forest’s seven ranger districts surround the city and provide over 3 million acres of land for forest exploration. It is perfect for activities like day hiking, ski tours, backpacking, and scenic drives. The Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness is a favorite exploration spot among visitors. You must see the Storm Castle Peak if you are in the area; it offers the quintessential hike in Bozeman’s vicinity. You can also go to the Palisades Falls Picnic Area for an enjoyable day trip.

American Computer and Robotics Museum

It has a wide range of displays about the evolution of technology, from the first clay tablet to the future of artificial intelligence. Some artifacts on display include the famous Alan Turing papers, a Gutenberg Press, and an original Apple 1 Computer signed by Steve Wozniak. 

Big Sky Resort and Bridger Bowl Ski Area

Winter is an integral part of Bozeman’s culture, as highlighted by its two popular snow-laden winter resorts. Big Sky Resort is an internationally acclaimed destination spread across four mountains that offers nearly 6000 acres of rideable terrain for skiing and snowboarding. Bridger Bowl Ski Area is another popular resort with approximately 2,000 acres to explore for everyone, from beginners to experts. 

Montana Grizzly Encounter

The Montana Grizzly Encounter, founded in 2004, adopts bears that were born into captivity. It provides them a safe, happy, and healthy habitat to live. In 2002, when Casey Anderson, a National Geographic wildlife naturalist, adopted the bear Brutus from an overcrowded wildlife park. 

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