The idea of moving can be scary for many, but for art aficionados, it can be scarier as it involves moving fragile and valuable items. It’s a herculean task to shift such cherished treasures to a new location safely. 

From buying the right-sized boxes to using shock-absorbers such as styrofoam, here we share six hacks to help you pack and move your artwork smartly. 

Find the right boxes

You need the right boxes to pack every piece of artwork you’re planning to move. Choose the size of the boxes according to the artwork’s dimensions, shape, and weight. Depending on the art, you can also select various standard box sizes such as small, medium, large, and extra-large. 

You can either pack every piece separately or group small and medium-sized artwork. But always remember that the boxes should be more significant than the art to allow you enough room to add protective layers and corners. 

Use protective covering, bubble wrap

You need to protect your art from jostling, bumpy rides, and humid weather during the move. All artwork usually has a glass on it called glassine. It is a glossy packaging that is resistant to water and air. But you must still wrap your artwork with a protective cover. Please don’t use a newspaper, as it might transfer ink onto the glassine surface. The next layer of protection is bubble wrap. It will keep your art safe without adding much weight. 

Use corner protectors

While packing fine art and paintings, use corner protectors and blankets to protect their edges from damage. You can buy corner protectors made of styrofoam or cardboard and place them firmly on your art’s corners before keeping them in the box. 

Be strategic

If you want to move your artwork to your new home along with the furniture, then pack them both separately to ensure maximum safety. Designate a remote spot for the artwork and color code the boxes, so movers take extra care during the move. 

Mark glass with X

Suppose your art has a glass covering; tape a big X to mask it. It will prevent the glass from shattering during transit. This will also give the movers a heads up and ensure that they handle such boxes with extra care. 

Test movement

Before sealing the box containing your artwork for transportation, test for movement by gently closing the box and wiggling it. If anything inside is shifting and making a noise, add crumpled newspaper and cardboard to fill up space and try again. Ensure that the artwork is secure in one place inside the box. Write what’s inside and where it needs to be placed on both sides of the box so you can unpack it accordingly. 

Moving art requires expertise. Therefore, finding the right agency is half the work done.

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