Have you found your new home and are preparing to move in the winter? Or are you taking advantage of the meager mortgage rates and moving soon?

Moving in the winter can bring different obstacles and worries than moving in the summer. Choosing professional movers can make a move less stressful. They have the experience to handle transit in less-than-ideal conditions, so you do not have to worry about inclement weather. 

To make move day in the snow or winter conditions, we share five tips to make it convenient and more comfortable for you. 

Stay updated on the weather forecast

Keep checking the weather forecast at least once a day during the week you move. Weather changes constantly, and if a storm is heading your way, you should see it coming and be prepared to make any necessary changes for your move. 

Schedule an early morning move

A drawback of winter move is the limited amount of daylight. The sunsets sooner, and daylight saving time also kicks in. Scheduling an early-morning move will give you more sunlight and reduce the risk of delay because of poor road conditions.

Prepare your new home ahead of the move

The last homeowner would have turned off all utilities before vacating the space. You don’t want to be in a house without utility access in winter. Therefore, before your moving day, double or triple-check that utilities at your new property are on. Call utility maintenance services to ensure that air conditioning and heating systems are in working condition. 

Pack according to the weather

Don’t ignore the freezing temperature and precipitation while packing for the winter move. If it’s snowy outside, ask for an enclosed cargo and waterproof as much of the shipment as possible. Use items like plastic bins, mattress bags, and bubble wrap; avoid paper wrapping as it’s not weatherproof. Use sealed bags to carry all electronics and cables. 

Don’t forget to pack and have easily accessible winter supplies like an emergency first aid kit, batteries, hats, gloves, flashlights, bottled water, snacks, cell-phone charger, road salt, shovels, and windshield scrapers.

Ready your car 

If you plan to drive to your new property, it’s a good idea to service your car for cold weather. Winter brings unpredictable weather, and your vehicle should be ready to face anything from icy roads to below-freezing weather. Apart from that, make sure you have the following winter contingency items in your car:

  • Emergency kit
  • Tire chains
  • Tow rope
  • Ice scrapers
  • Extra window wipers
  • Snow shovel
  • Road salt
  • Extra warm clothes
  • Extra cash for repairs

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