Moving your business to a new location is a complex and time-consuming ordeal. It becomes even more daunting when the move is cross-country. For your cross-country move, you will need help from specialists in the moving industry. However, with prior planning and perfect execution, you can ensure that your cross-country corporate relocation goes smoothly.  

Here are some tips to help your cross-country office move go smoothly and efficiently.

Start organizing well in advance

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when moving their office is starting too late. You may think you have plenty of time, but it has a way of vanishing when you need it the most. It is best to start planning your cross-country office move a few months before the actual date of the move to avoid last-minute chaos. You should also hire movers early, so you don’t find yourself without one on the moving day. 

Notify your employees and customers

The next crucial step for your cross-country office relocation is to inform your employees and customers. Your employees will have homes and families, and it can be pretty challenging for them to make arrangements or choose to move all of a sudden. Telling them in advance gives them time to sort out everything in their lives. Keeping your customers in the loop is also a great idea, as they are at the core of your business. 

Assign a relocation coordinator 

As a business owner, you have to take care of several things in your business, and you cannot focus entirely on the move. That’s why you need to assign a moving coordinator to handle all the activities related to the move. It will ensure that all things happen smoothly, as there’ll be a single point of contact regarding any relocation-related concerns. 

Make an inventory list

Moving everything in your previous office to the new location is neither feasible nor economical for your cross-country relocation. Hence, you need to inventory all those belongings you will take to the new office and the things you will leave. Consider how much it would cost to transport them and how safe it would be to do so when making the inventory of each item. 

Get packing

It is time to start packing the things you will take. Arrange sufficient and high-quality packing materials. Pack all fragile items and electronics carefully. Ask your moving company to help with packing your office furniture and machinery. Ensure that any heavy machinery or equipment is treated carefully to prevent damage. 

Get some buffer time

Once the packing is complete, the moving company can ship your office materials to the new location, which would take some time. Once everything reaches the new place, you need to unpack and set everything up. In between these, you will also have to arrange for your business processes to keep running smoothly. So give yourself and your employees some buffer time to cover everything up and start working in the new place with fresh vigor. 

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