There may come a time when you have more items then you have space for, and to live more efficiently and comfortably, some things have to find a new home. That being said, you this may include items you are not entirely ready to part with, and instead, want to put into storage. Before committing to moving your things into a unit, there are a few things to consider making sure your property is kept safe during their time in storage in Belgrade.

Protecting Your Items


– Furniture should be cleaned before storing. Include the vacuuming of cushions as to remove any potential crumbs.

– Wrap cushions in plastic.

– Do not place furniture directly onto the floor, use plastic or material to cushion bulky items.

– Stack chairs seat to seat, separated by a piece of cloth or paper.

– Place a cover over all furniture, especially sofas, recliners, etc.

Glass and Breakables

– Utilize sturdy boxes for storing your fragile goods.

– Protect your items by wrapping them individually in packing paper.

– Sandwich fragile goods with dual layers of packing on the top and bottom of the box.

– Place plates, saucers, and bowls on their sides to prevent any breakage.

– Wrap pictures and mirrors in cardboard or proper picture/mirror carton

Metal Items

– Wipe the item with a few drops of oil before storing to minimize rust.

– Pack metal items away from goods that may be stained such as furniture.

– Wrap silver in non-acid tissue paper or plastic bags can help reduce tarnishing.

– Wipe chrome or cast iron with a little machine oil to help delay rust.

Electronic Items

– Ensure all of your electronic equipment is clean and dry before storing.

– Make sure items above or on top of electronic equipment will not fall or damage the surfaces.


– Make sure all white goods (refrigerators and freezers) are empty, clean and dry before storing.

– Leave the doors slightly ajar as to prevent mold and mildew.

– It is best not to store other items inside of items as it can damage the interior.